They say it’s your birthday

One of my second grade students walked on board with a large box of donuts this morning from a local donut shop, called Bill’s Donuts. I asked him if it was his birthday and he indicated that it was.   The smell emanating from the box permeated the entire bus. It was a mouth-watering scent, and being that I did not eat breakfast, the smell was almost too much…almost. Making matters worse, Luke sits directly behind me; it made for a long, though delightful smelling, drive to school.

We had just arrived at the school and were waiting for the doors of the school to open. The radio, on my bus, was playing and tuned into one of the local radio stations known for announcing birthdays and anniversaries from listeners of the show who call or e-mail in and give the name and age of the person they would like to have recognized and send birthday greetings to.

Such was the case this morning when Lane’s name was aired over the radio. Lane may not have been paying attention or may not have known that his parents called in the request to have his birthday announced on air, but it did not go unnoticed by a number of children sitting around him. Their excitement was contagious and caught the attention of most of the other students on board. After hearing the birthday greeting over the airwaves, Abby, a second grade girl who sits directly behind Lane, picked up an *air* microphone and proceeded to interview our new celebrity.

“Lane, now that you’re famous, what will you do next?” Abby asked him, in a mock reporters voice, with her non-existent microphone.

“Nothing,” he replied.

I was half expecting Lane to play along and answer…I’m going to Disney.   Then it dawned on me that these kids were probably too young to remember the television ads.

Abby’s reporting antics may not have yielded the type of interview she had been hoping for, but it did yield an impressive display of color from Lane.

Lane turned redder with each moment that passed, as all eyes and attention were focused on him. His color and discomfort with his newfound, though unwanted notoriety, continued when Rick, a fifth grader, decided that singing happy birthday was definitely in order. Rick wasn’t satisfied, however, with just the surrounding kids joining in, he caught the attention of all of the children on board, prompting a rather loud chorus of the Happy Birthday song, making Lane’s  impromptu celebration all the more joyful…though maybe not quite the ride, or morning Lane had in mind. Relief was finally felt when the doors to the school opened and Lane could escape his *adoring new fans* and his newly found notoriety.

If you’ve never had a Bill’s donut, I highly recommend them. As a matter of fact, they are ranked as one of the top ten-donut shops in the U.S.


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