What big ears you have…

The elementary school I drive for had their *fall festival* yesterday. Funny, it reminds me an awful lot, and bares a striking resemblance to what we used to call, Halloween parties. The children get dressed in costumes and their parents bring in a variety of craft projects for the children to make. Then, the kids are loaded up with lots and lots of sugary treats, right before the teachers send the children out to the busses in the afternoon.  It makes for a very lively ride home.

The day before the festival, two of my second grade girls asked what my costume would be. I told them I was going to be an elf. In return I asked each of the girls what they were going to be. One of them was going to be a leopard and the other a huntress.

The following morning, as promised, I was dressed like an elf. The costume was quite simplistic in its make up. I had my latex elf ears, a green tunic top, leggings, and some brown mid calf leather boots. I could easily have been mistaken as one of the Keebler elves, that day. 😉

The two girls, who asked how I would be dressed, boarded the bus that morning and commented immediately on my costume. They were particularly impressed with my elf ears.

I picked up the remainder of my kids including my very favorite fifth grade boy, Rick, and his seat partner Jay, who boarded the bus after the two-second grade girls had boarded.

I asked the two boys if they would sit in the first row of seats on the passenger side, rather than in their regularly assigned seats near the back of the bus. I wanted them to assist me with distributing the glow stick necklaces I had for the children for their festival day. The two agreed and were eager and happy to help.

This turned out to be a challenging task considering it was still quite dark out at the time and the necklaces had connectors that needed to be attached to the end of the sticks so they could become necklaces. The two boys worked on the project, in the dark, as we made our way to the school.

When we arrived, the two boys handed out the necklaces and the children lit up the bus with a variety of neon colored glow in the dark necklaces. It really was rather pretty, looking back and seeing the children waving the sticks of light that broke through the darkness giving the bus flashes of bright colors as they were being waved about.

As we waited for the doors of the school to open, two voices called out to me.

“Mrs. Mileti, I really like your elf costume,” said Abby.

“I really like your elf ears,” said Sally.

“Thank you, girls,” I replied.

Rick, upon hearing the two girls compliments, chimed in.

“Oh, I really like your elf costume too, Mrs. Mileti. I thought your ears looked really cool when I got on the bus.  But, I wasn’t sure if those were your real ears or not, and if I said that, it would have been, just rude, if they were,” he said.

This cracked me up. The ears are enormous. I did, however, really appreciate his thoughtful gesture and effort to protect my feelings. Yep…love that kid!

These are the ears in question, though the outfit was different that morning. You get the picture.  😉



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