Check out those hotels

Ken:  Mrs. Mileti, have you seen those hotels we pass on our way home from school?

Me:  What hotels are you talking about, Ken? I don’t recall seeing any hotels.

Ken:  Sure we do, we pass them every day.

Me:  You’ll have to point them out to me when we pass them.

Ken:  Okay, I will.

We continued driving and our topic of conversation changed, though I was still contemplating where the hotels were, that Ken was talking about. We turned onto a street that was about three blocks from where Ken lives, when Ken excitedly and emphatically started pointing to a location on the left side of the bus.

Ken:  There! There they are!  Those are the hotels I’m talking about.  Do you see them now?

Me:  Ken, those aren’t hotels, they’re  homes.

Ken:  Oh, I know that.  I call them hotels because they’re so big.

The development Ken is referring to, has a plethora of McMansions lining its streets, not a single extra value home among them. All of them opted for the “supersize” option.  In Ken’s opinion, they have been not just supersized, but hotel-sized. 😉


2 thoughts on “Check out those hotels

    • schoolbusdiary says:

      The same day, that same child told me that some days I look tired….very tired. Their honesty is generally very refreshing, though at times it can be brutal. It’s rare when they sugar coat anything!
      This makes them both endearing and exasperating…sometimes simultaneously. 😉


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