Conversations on a School Bus

” Armpit juice, you know, it’s that stuff you put under your arms to make your armpit hair grow.” Alex proclaimed.

” Are you talking about deodorant, Alex?” I asked him.

” Yeah, that’s the stuff.”

Do you think that is the, Hair Club for Men’s, secret formula…arm pit juice? Or will this recent discovery be the Hair Club’s demise? Could this be the new miracle hair growing solution that men have been waiting for? Who knew, that the hair loss solution has been available for decades—right under men’s noses, I mean armpits, this whole time.


The song was Stitches, by Shawn Mendes

“Mrs. Mileti, Alex, and Sam are ruining me and Sandy’s favorite song playing on the radio. They are singing the wrong words and being really annoying and inappropriate,” Annabelle whined.

The song was Stitches, by Shawn Mendes.
It was difficult for me to tell the boys to stop “ruining the song”, particularly, when I myself, find the song utterly annoying. I am thinking, the boy’s rendition of the song may have been an improvement to the original. Unfortunately, I was not able to hear what the boy’s alternative lyrics were.

One of the songs that aired shortly after, Stitches, was the latest Justin Bieber hit. I was unfamiliar with the tune and did not recognize it initially. However, the girls on the bus did. They all wanted me to turn up the volume. The boys, on the other hand, protested and asked me to changed the station. I opted to turn up the volume. I am not a Bieber fan, per say, but at the time, I did not know which song was playing, only that all the girls on the bus were very excited to hear it. I raised the volume to the radio, amidst the protest. This prompted the boys in the back of the bus to try covering the speakers on the bus in an attempt to mute the offensive noise emanating from them.

I found the whole scene rather amusing.


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