Cheddar Chariot

When your office is a 40′ long traveling cheddar charriot like mine, the scenery displayed out your front window is continually changing.  It is one of the many things I appreciate about being a shcool bus driver.  I particularly enjoy driving in the morning and watching the sun as it creeps up over the horizon, lighting up the easterly sky and ushering in a new day.


As I ascend the apex of a hill, on a certain stretch of road, I am greeted by some of the most spectacular lighting displays I have ever seen. The painted sky offers up a vast array of color that on occasion takes my breath away.

The sunlight quickly reveals what darkness, just moments before, had masked.  Creatures both large and small can be seen meandering about, sometimes in unexpected places. There was a large buck in the side yard of one of my student’s home.  Neither the noise, nor the presence of the bus seemed to be of much concern to him.  He uncaringly glanced back from where he stood as my bus approached the driveway of the student I was picking up then leisurely returned to his meanderings.

A bit further, into my route that morning, I notice an albino squirrel scurrying about.  I pointed the creature out to the children onboard. Two of the children squealed in delight at the sight of the unique sighting, but one of my children could not spot the creature and asked repeatedly, “Where is he?  I can’t see him.”  I located the tree rodent perched atop a fence, in a yard, to the left of where I was picking up students. I pointed in the direction of where the squirrel sat.  Eventually the child who was having difficulty finding the squirrel spotted him. The two girls, who spotted the squirrel earlier, were telling me that they thought the squirrel looked like a fluffy ball of snow.  Once Aaron spotted the squirrel, he offered up his own opinion.  “Looks more like cauliflower to me.”



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