I Ain’t Been Nothin’ but Bad

Gandolph, the school bus elf, has been moving to different locations on the bus since his arrival, a little over a week ago.  Each day the children climb on board and immediately start searching to locate his new position. The rule for Gandolph is the same one that applies to all the other “shelf elves”.  That rule being, absolutely no touching the elf!

I have one fourth grade boy who refuses to follow that one simple rule.  Every day, Adam insists on touching Gandolph. He is never abusive, nor does he try to move Gandolph from his location  or remove him from the bus.  He just has to reach out and touch him.

This morning, like clockwork, Adam once again, touched Gandolph.  Only this time, one of my second grade girls, Sabrina, responded, with this piece of advice.

“You better start behaving or you’re not going to get any presents for Christmas this year,” She told him.

Sabrina’s admonishing remark, made me giggle, but it was Adam’s reply that made me laugh out loud.

“That’s just not true!  One year, I was bad…I wasn’t just bad, I was soooo bad, and I still got presents, lots and lots of presents,” was Adam’s taunting retort.

As Adam got up to leave the bus for the morning, he exhibited one final act of defiance.  He tweaked Gandolph’s elf boot as he walked by, boldly  making everyone around him aware of  his actions.







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