Love to Laugh

Sam, one of my third grade boys, had a serious case of the giggles this morning. I could not hear the conversation over the heaters, defrosters, and fans, but I could hear his laugh and his laugh was so infectious, it made me laugh.
When we arrived at the school I asked Sam what was so funny.

“Nothing really,” he said

“He was being sarcastic,” said Mark, Sam’s seat partner.

“No I wasn’t. Mark doesn’t know what that word means. If you don’t know what a word means, you can’t use the word.” Sam replied.

I still have no idea what was so darn funny, but boy, I sure wish I could bottle his laugh…so darn cute!


4 thoughts on “Love to Laugh

  1. Shirley Fraser says:

    I am so glad that someone has finally taken the time to put to paper some of their experiences as a school bus driver. I drove for a little over 17 years-the best years of my life. They were so interesting and so rewarding in most cases. I am now retired and still meet some of the students I used to drive. It pleases me so much when they come up to me, and say “I remember you-you were my bus driver” and when they give you a hug, well that is priceless

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  2. schoolbusdiary says:

    Hello Shirley,
    Your comment and kind feedback really made my day! I agree with you, school bus driving has/is, indeed, been the most rewarding job I have ever had! When you see one of your “kids” in a public place and they point you out to their parent/s, then come over and give you a big hug. There is no better feeling, and somehow, and in some way, you made a difference in their life. It just doesn’t get any better than that! If you don’t mind me asking, where were you a school bus driver?


    • SHIRLEY FRASER says:

      I drove for ML Bradley Bus Lines in Navan, Ontario
      They are a family owned operation and were great to work for. My routes took me over the city of OTTAWA. I drove both French and English students. I had students who were in junior kindergarten right up to Greade 12.What an experience. My most vivid memory was of teaching one of my junior kg kids to sing our National Anthem and then allowing him to direct the rest of his fellow students . One of my proudest moments was when that young man asked one of the boys to remove his hat while singing the anthem. WE DO MAKE A DIFFERNCE IN THESE CHILDS LIVES.

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      • schoolbusdiary says:

        What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing it that moment! A super proud moment, indeed! All the best, Shirley! I hope retirement is all you hoped it would be. Keep making life sparkle!


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