Shake My Hand

Mark, a third grader, said to his seat partner, Shane. ” I got to shake a cheerleaders hand at the tournament last weekend.”

“You should never wash your hand again! You must have been wearing perfume or deodorant.”
Shane replied.

The giggle that followed Shane’s statement, was almost as cute as the statement itself.

The two boys sharing this conversation, are adorable! Mark, has big brown eyes, dark curly hair, and a beautiful smile with deep dimples. And Shane, well, I swear, Shane is the image the writers had in mind when they created the cartoon character Franklin, from the Peanuts gang, only with the voice of Froggy from, The Little Rascals. It’s Shane’s laugh, however, that takes the prize! His giggle is infectious and one I would love to bottle!

I was soooo busted when the two boys caught me chuckling over their verbal exchange, as I Peered at them in my student mirror. Once this happened, their conversation quickly reverted to a more customary topic of conversation…bodily functions.


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