Ordinary To Extraordinary

Sometimes as a school bus driver, we get to witness a number of every day, ordinary events or exchanges that take place between our riders and their family members.  One of those wonderfully ordinary exchanges took place today as I was picking up one of my middle school kids this morning.

As I approached Alecia’s stop and saw Alecia waiting in her place of safety on the sidewalk in front of her home, I could also see a young child, no older than five, standing in the doorway of her home.  The morning sun put a glare on the glass of the door, but as I stopped, I had a better view of the young child standing in the doorway.  He was garbed in a leopard spotted towel that covered him from the waist down and was held in place only by his hand.

I stopped, pulled my brake, did my traffic check and signaled for Alecia to cross the street to board the bus.  As I did, the small child blew kisses and waved very enthusiastically as his sister walked across the street to board the bus.  A smile swept over my face as I watched this ordinary event take place.  To me, the exchange between brother and sister, was precious.

When Alecia boarded the bus, she looked up at me, red-faced, clearly embarrassed by her brothers exuberant sendoff, and says, “That boy has issues—big issues.” Alecia’s  response to her brothers outward display of affection made my smile turn to a giggle, and I found myself appreciating the delightful exchange between brother and sister, even more.  That moment transpired from precious, to priceless.   What a great way to start my day!

As I was driving back to the bus lot, I received a call on the radio informing me that my regular bus, bus 24, was once again, road worthy, turning a good morning into a great morning.  I could not hide the joy I was feeling, and let out a whoop of delight after hearing the good news. A cracked cam took my bus out of commission for a long three weeks. I don’t know who missed bus 24 more, the kids, or me.  Ok, it was definitely me. 🙂


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