I, like many of you, was shocked and saddened by the loss of one of the most talented artists of my generation, and possibly, of all time. The news of Prince’s passing, for me, will be one of those moments, in  life by which I will always be able to recall exactly what I was doing the moment I learned of his death.   I saw Prince in concert in 1984.  As a matter of fact, Prince was the very first concert I ever attended.  WOW! What a show—what a showman!

Music, creates memories for me. It can transport me to a specific time or place, a special event and often I associate people with songs and those memories come flooding back when I hear the song on the radio.  An event that took place on my bus a couple of years ago came rushing back when the song Kiss played on the radio later that day.  This is the story that instantly came to mind.  This story took place two years ago…


On a Monday morning in early April, I had the radio on while picking up my elementary kids. Brady, a second grade boy, was listening to the song that was playing and asked his seat partner Josiah, “Is that Elmo singing?” His seat partner gave no response to his inquiry, so, I asked him if he was referring to the person singing the song on the radio. He said, “Yes.”

“No, that’s not Elmo, that’s an artist by the name of Prince and the song he is singing is called Kiss.” I replied.

From now on, when I hear that song, I will have a visual of Elmo rockin’ out on his guitar and belting out, “I just want your extra time and your—kiss.”

I found this story so amusing, that I came home and actually sent it in to the local radio station, 107.7, that played the song earlier that morning. I never actually believed that anything would happen with the short correspondence I sent off, but low and behold, as I was driving the kids one morning, a number of days later, they actually started reading the story on line. Imagine my surprise. I am not sure if any of the kids heard the story being recanted over the airwaves, but it put a smile on Jeff, Gina, and Dave’s faces and hearing the story again, put one right back on my face as well.




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