Radio Woes

The new bus I’m driving, is not equipped with a music radio.  I did not realize how much I would miss listening to the radio, particularly in the mornings, so I took it upon myself to remedy this situation.  I brought in a small, wireless, bluetooth speaker and connected it through the bluetooth on my phone and set the small speaker on the dash of the bus.  It has little rubber feet that prevent the speaker from sliding around.

My son introduced me to a music Ap called, Spotify, which I downloaded to my phone.  I searched through the numerous radio station choices and landed on one of my favorite artists, Christina Perri.   I glanced over the titles of the songs listed in the play list and liked most of them, so I pushed shuffle and the music began to play.  I left the lot with a big smile on my face  and thrilled to have music playing once again.

The size of the wireless speaker, is roughly the size of a small digital alarm clock.(I just dated myself) It may not be that big, but for its size, the sound could actually trailed to the middle section of the bus.

I was enjoying the music, and feeling pretty proud of how I turned my silent morning ride into one that was filled with lively, upbeat tunes I could sing along with.  About half way through my high school route, a song came on that I was unfamiliar with.  The intro to the song, was reminiscent of the old Carpenters tune, Close To You.  I thought for a moment that it may have been an updated, upbeat, remake of the old classic.  I could not have been more wrong.

The song is sung by, Lily Allen, and until today, I was unfamiliar with both the artist and the song.  The title of the tune now  which was appropriately called, Fuck You(very much).  Dial it up on Youtube…a delightful little ditty, said no school bus driver ever.

I was in the middle of driving my route, my phone was tucked away,  I could not skip to the next song, or turn down the volume. I was stuck for the next three minutes listening to Lily repeat the titled refrain over and over again. I could feel my heart rate elevate, and I’m sure my face was turning a delightful crimson color.  I looked into my student mirror to see if anyone was reacting to the offensive lyrics, and thankfully, many of the students had earbuds plugged into their ears.  I am hoping that the remaining students were either sleeping, speaking with friends, or, involved in something that did not involve paying attention  the racy song blasting through the tiny little speaker, which now seemed intensely loud considering its size.  That one, three minute song, which felt interminably long, finally came to and end and I was relieved that a, Maroon 5 song began playing.  My relief was short lived when Adam Levine plunged into this unedited, explicit version of the song, Payphone.

Thankfully, I arrived at the high school, said good bye to my students, grabbed my phone, turned off Spotify and was once again, music-less.



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