Prince Charming

The critter saga continues…

A number of months ago, I shared a story with all of you, about a dead mouse I had discovered in my clothes dryer. Throughout the months that have followed, since sharing that story, I have been “treated” to a number of stuffed critters, that have been strategically placed somewhere on the inside of my school bus,  but not easily seen at first glance.

My first encounter with one of these stowaways, was with, Mickey, a mouse, that had been dangling from the broom on my bus, which I discovered when I went to sweep later that morning. Weeks later, my critter encounter continued, when I found Jimminy cricket hiding behind the trash can on my bus.
This little critter took me a day and a half, to discover. For an entire day, I thought there was something wrong with my bus. Every time I started driving, I would start to hear an unusual noise that would stop when the bus was not moving and would start up again, once The bus started moving again. This happened throughout my entire morning and afternoon routes that day.

This strange chirping noise, drove me nuts each time the bus proceeded forward, then annoyingly stopping each time I tried to discover where the darn noise was coming from. I was even going to write up my newly discovered noise and have our mechanics take a look to see if they could find out what might be causing this strange new noise I had discovered.  I can’t tell you how glad I was that I did not ask them to locate the cause of this new, curiously odd, chirping noise.
I discovered the source of the chirping when I went to sweep my bus the next morning. While I was sweeping, my broom came in contact with the waste can located at the front of the bus. When the broom made contact with the can, the noise I had been hearing, only when I drove, started happening again. I took my broom and intentionally struck the can again, and again, the chirping started. This time, I removed the trash can from its holder to discover a stuffed, chirping cricket had been placed behind the trash can, on the floor of the bus.
Hmm…in retrospect, it may have been rather amusing to have had the mechanics discover the cause of the chirping.🙄😳😂

Anyway, this morning I walked onto my bus, pushed the overhead storage compartment button, to put my purse away, and came across, Prince Charming, staring back at me. Well, actually, It’s a kissed toad that failed to transform into, Prince Charming, staring back at me, complete with the lip print smack, of the failed transformation attempt.

With each new critter that has been left on my bus, by one of my, crazy, crafty, sneaky, coworkers, the size of these critters continues to increase.

I can’t wait to see what critter I’ll get treated to discovering next on my bus! I might just have to rename my bus, “The critter gitter, or The zoo mobile , or Noah’s arc on wheels.

Ooh…maybe this will be the year I will finally get a hippopotamus for Christmas!

Best job and coworkers…ever!

Meet my, Prince Charming…


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