• “Mrs. Mileti, we are getting a new, big dog this week.”  Mary Ellen squealed.

“What type of big dog will you be getting?” I asked.

“A Golden Corral!”  She replied

“Golden Corral, huh?”  I repeated

Laughter erupted from the surrounding students upon hearing her response.

“I mean, a Golden Retriever.  I’m so hungry, I was thinking of Golden Corral.”

My first thought was…Weiner dog?


  • As I looked into my student mirror, I saw two pair of feet waggling feverently about, in the aisle.  I picked up my intercom and asked the two students to put their feet down and sit properly.

“We can’t, our feet are talking to each other,”  was one of the boys reply.

“Well, finish up that convo and put your feet back on the ground.” I said.


  • Two of my elementary girls, of no relation, came on the bus, after having been away from school, for a few days each.  One of my second grade boys sits next to one of the girls, and across the aisle from the other child.   We were enroute to the school when both girls went into a rather intense coughing fit. I asked if the girls were ok and also asked if either of the girls needed a drink of water. After posing the question to the girls, the boy who sits between the girls, pipes in and says, “Oh, great!  I’m stuck here between the cough sisters.”





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