Casper, Is That You?

Yesterday, as I was deciding on what I should wear for the day, I opened one of my drawers and saw a sweater I had not worn since the Friday before Halloween.  No, I do not keep track of every time I wear something, but,  it reminded me of something very amusing that happened on my bus that day, and it was because I was wearing that sweater that it happened. Seeing it, reminded me of what had happened and made me laugh, prompting me to wear the sweater again, and, to share the story with you.

I put the sweater on that day, knowing how cool the morning was, but also knowing that additional layers would not be necessary.  During this time of the year, in Ohio, it’s hard to determine how to dress.  It can start out down right chilly in the morning, but by the afternoon, it potentially could be warm enough for shorts.  Anyway,  I opted for the sweater and proceeded to work, as usual.

Mornings at this time of year, including that particular day, are dark.  When I pick up my high school kids, it is really dark, and is still fairly dark when I start picking up my elementary kids, though dawns early morning lights are just starting to illuminate the distant sky.

I had picked up a hand full of kids and was headed to, Jeffrey’s stop.  I activated my warning lamps in preparation to pick up Jeffrey.  As per usual, I stopped, pulled the brake, opened the door, and turned on the passenger dome lights.  Jeffrey looked at me with a relieved expression on his face as he boarded the bus.  As he was boarding, he said,

“Thank God, it’s you!  I thought a ghost was driving this bus, all I saw was white coming at me!  Whew!  What a relief! ”




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