Flower Power

Conversations on a school bus, often take some very unexpected turns and the results can be quite amusing.  One such conversation took place on my afternoon middle school route, between two, sixth grade girls.


“Ooh—boxes!” Gretchen, excitedly proclaimed, as she was watching a UPS driver delivering packages in the neighborhood.

“Foxes?  Where are the foxes?  I want to see the foxes!” Squealed Dana.

“I said Boxes, not foxes.  If  I had seen foxes, I would have been off the bus, scooping them up, taking them home, and storing them in the closet in my bedroom, but first, I’d have to clean my closet.” Replied Gretchen.

“Oh, me too!  Foxes are my favorite animal!  I just love them, and  I would have to clean out my closet too.” Said Dana.

“I would start by getting rid of all the dresses I will never wear again, like all my flower girl dresses.   Unfortunately, my mom won’t let me.  She says they have too many sentimental memories attached to them. I have, like, tons of flower girl dresses, from being in so many weddings, cuz I have so many cousins n all.”  Said Gretchen.

“I always wanted to be a flower girl in a wedding, so I could throw flowers at people, and  smash someone in the head with the basket.  I mean, why should the bride be the only one who gets to throw things at their guests?” Says Dana.

Hmm, I never though of it quite that way.




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