I’ve Got Your Number!

About a week ago, Donovan, one of my  fifth grade boys, approached me, as we were sitting at the school waiting to be released into the school and said, “Mrs. Mileti,  I got the license plate number of that person who passed your yellow lights.”

“You did?”  I replied.

“I sure did!” He responded

“Typically, my lights have to be red, before I can report them to the police, but, I am so glad that you were watching and took down the information.   I would like to make you my official, red light runner, reporter.  I would love for you to let me know anytime someone passes my red lights.  In addition to getting their license plate number, I will also need you to get  the color of the car and a brief description of the person driving the car.  Can you do that for me?” I asked him.

“Sure, I can do that.”  He replied.

The next day, Donovan came forward and told me that he noticed that the vehicle driving behind us had only one headlamp that was operating and proceeded to give me the cars plate number and a brief description of the driver. I told him while I appreciated his efforts, there was not much I could do about the person driving with only one headlamp.

Today, Donovan was very eggar to share his latest drivers violation.

“Mrs. Mileti, the woman driving behind us today was driving with only one hand on the wheel and, she was texting!  She had to stop very quickly because she wasn’t paying attention to the road and she came close to hitting the back of the bus.”

Donovan proceeded to give me the license plate number of the vehicle, as well as a description of the person driving and the color of the vehicle.

Dang!  He was taking this job very seriously!

“Wow!  texting and driving?  That is very dangerous.”  I responded!

I wrote down all of the information Donovan was providing me with, mainly, because I didn’t quite have the heart to tell him, there was absolutely nothing  that could be done with the information he was giving me.

“Who do you give this information to and what happens once they have the information?”  He asked me.

Great!  Now I was going to have to tell Donovan that, todays moving violation report, was not as important as he had believed it to be.

“Well, I will give the information to my boss, and he will determine if it should be turned in to the authorities.  Typically, however, they are only interested in hearing about people who pass the busses red  lights.”  I told him.

“Well, what she was doing was very dangerous!  I might have saved a lot of lives today!”  Proclaimed Donovan.

Impressed with his keen traffic observations, findings, and reporting abilities, Donovan commenced in a series of, high fives.

Yikes!  I think I may have just created the bus version of, Bobby, the hall monitor!  (It’s a, Brady Bunch, episode reference) I definitely see a future policeman in the making!  Heck, Donovan might very well  be reciting Ohio revised code by weeks end!









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