School Ties

Yesterday, one of my sixth grade girls got on the bus and proudly produced  a portion of a mans neck tie.  She excitedly reported that the tie was, Mr. Sobecky’s tie and her friend had the other half.  I acted excited and impressed, though I must admit, I was rather confused by the odd treasure she was so proudly exhibiting to anyone who would look or listen.

Daphne, the girl with a cut off section of a tie, happens to be my last stop of the day, so when I was close to my last stop, I inquired as to how she happened to become the proud recipient of such a prized possession.

“It’s a German class tradition.”  She responded.

“Oh, that’s a rather strange tradition.  I wonder what the significance is of that tradition and how the tradition came to be.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m in Spanish class”  She replied.






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