Stayin Alive

When we arrived at school today, and waited for the school to open its doors, Donovan, a fifth grade boy, came dashing up from the back of the bus, i-pod in tow.

“Mrs. Mileti, you have to listen to this song!  It’s so awesome!”  He said.

“What’s the name of the song?”  I asked

“Just listen, it’s the best!”

Donovan pushed play  though nothing appeared to be happening.   I could not hear the song immediately. Donovan worked on turning the volume up so  the song could be heard.     I must say I was taken a back when I recognized the tune emanating from his i-pod.  I certainly was not expecting to hear the, Bee Gee’s Stayin Alive.  I asked Donovan if that was his favorite song.  He said, no, that he just really liked the song. I then proceeded to ask him what his favorite song was.

“Picking a favorite song, is like picking a favorite child.  You just can’t do that.”  He replied.


His reply really put a smile on my face.  I just love their blunt honesty…well…most of the time, anyway.  😉



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