Worst Day, Ever!

As is typical, in the afternoon, as the children are boarding the bus, or occasionally as we are making our way to the children’s stops, I will ask them how their day was.  I typically get the obligatory, auto response, “It was fine,” or “It was good”, or some variation of that response.  Occasionally, I will get a, “It was great!”  Today, however, I received a, “I had the worst day of my life.” It is not often I hear a response like this, so I probed further to find out what made Nathan’s day, the worst day, ever!

“What made today, the worst day of your life, Nathan?”  I asked him.

“Well, first, I had to sit between two girls at math class.”  Then, I had to sit with five girls during lunch.  I was surrounded by girls all day!”  Was Nathan’s reply.

“Nathan, weren’t you the one telling me, just a few weeks ago, how much you wanted a girlfriend…sooooo bad?  Are you sure today wasn’t the best day of your life?”  I asked him.

Aside from turning a stunning shade of red in reply,  Nathan threw up his arms, waving them wildly, emphatically repeating his original proclamation, that today was his worst day ever.

Hmm…I’m still thinking…BEST DAY, EVER!






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