Out Of Darkness

Last week, was the first week, since last September, that I have been able to actually see my high school students as I picked them up in the morning.  That was not the case this morning as we were thrust back into darkness, springing forward into daylight savings time. Last Friday, however, before the proverbial lights, were “turned back off,” I had the pleasure of witnessing a very sweet moment between two of my high school riders.

Mornings, with high school students are typically quiet and Friday morning was no exception. I just finished picking up the students at my last stop, and was making my way to the high school.  I was approaching  a stop light and as I was coming to a stop, I looked up and peered into my student mirror. (like a rear view mirror, but much bigger) When I looked back, I saw one of my students lay her head on the shoulder of the person sitting next to her.  In return, the person, whose shoulder became a head rest, placed her head  atop of the head of the persons who had placed her head on her shoulder. Whew…that was  a mouthful!  I do hope I adequately described the scene for you.   Anyway, the two closed their eyes and appeared to drift off, for the duration of the ride to school.  To most, this gesture would be ordinary and not all that note worthy, but to me, the gesture was tender, sweet, spontaneous, and innocent.  I doubt the two students noticed me noticing them and I am thrilled that no one else on the bus made fun of the two girls.   I think it is quite likely that the other students  were sleeping, and paid no attention to the scene unfolding before them. What made the scenario all the more intriguing, is that the two girls, once at school, share a completely different circle of friends.

It was a pleasant reminder that gentle, compassionate kindness still lives.  It is also reminds me that the, young adults, I transport, are still children and sometimes, that child like behavior, they so desperately want to hide, sneaks out.  So grateful to have wittnessed this moment, before everything turned dark again.





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