Stop drinking the Kool-Aid

Almost daily, for the better part of the past four to six weeks I have been trying to find the student or students whom I felt had repeatedly spilled Kool-Aid, or some other type of red drinking solution on the floor of my bus. Each day this happened, I would become more and more frustrated with the children. I was certain, at least one of my students had some type of  bottle that was defective and would leak the offensive liquid daily, leaving small trails of liquid running part way down the isle.  Each time I finished interrogating the students sitting near or around the general vicinity of the fluid, my inquisition only left me feeling more perplexed…which is actually code for…irritated, and equally clueless.   NO ONE was fessing up!  No one knew, least of all me, where the liquid was coming from, and my irritation was growing each time I cleaned the offensive liquid from the floor.  My verbal grumblings escalated as well.  I went from mild irritation, you know…the audible heavy disgusted sigh,when I first started noticing the red liquid, and it morphed into an unpleasant rant, that may or may not have contained a string of obscenities. YES, I threw my temper tantrum after the children left.

This undesirable ritual had been going on for, W-E-E-K-S!  My interrogation skills and tactics were fruitless and I had long since hit my patience level regarding the, lingering liquid lunacy.

Last week, my latest trainee, who, happens to be one of our mechanics, climbed aboard my bus to take the district road test, which is performed just before a driving student goes to take their state driving exam.  Previously, we had been training on other vehicles, but that day, we hopped on my bus.  I was lamenting to him about the problem I had been having and out of sheer exasperation asked if there was any thing on the inside the bus that could possibly leak.  He asked me where the fluid was coming from and I showed him.  It only took him seconds to unmask my leaky nemesis.  The front heater hose was loose and needed to be replaced.  The, Kook-Aid, was not Kool-Aid, but rather, coolant.

Today, I am very happy to report that I am leak, liquid, kook-aid and coolant free!  So, Therese…how do you like your crow?  Dinner…is served!  Apologies and peace offerings are in the making.




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