X Marks The Spot

Whenever the weather turns nice, it is inevitable that one or more of my students will ask if they can get off at a stop location other than their own.   It’s generally not far from their stop location, and typically their request is to get off at a friends stop.  My reply is the same each time.  “I will be happy to let you off at, XYZ, stop,  I need, is a note from home, telling me that it is ok for me to do that.”

I received one such request from one of my second grade boys a few weeks ago.  I gave him my standard response, to which he replied with the typical response, my mom won’t care, which only prompts a repeat of auto reply to such requests.

Travis got on the bus, and sat down with his seat partner, and friend, Carl.  Shortly after the boys had been seated, Travis walked toward me with his hand outstretched telling me that he had a note for me.  I reached out and took the note he was offering me and looked at it.

I would love to show you a copy of the “note” he brought me.  A description of the note will have to suffice, being that the “note” was drawn out on the back of a referral that his friend needed to take home to have a parent sign.  A referral, is a corrective notice for a child who is being counseled for a rule infraction, so I could not keep the note.  That being said, I will do my best to give you an adequate description of the note.

Typically, when I get a note it will state that…student A has permission to get off at an alternate stop, then, it will be dated and signed by a parent or guardian.  This “note” was more of  a drawing…Lines were drawn forming a lane, or street, with a square on one side of the lane and Carl’s name written under the box with an X and an arrow indicating where I was to drop Travis off, with the words…drop off here.

I could not contain my laughter!  I had received, notes, that I knew were not written by a parent, but this was another first.  A permission map.

I love my job!


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