It’s About Time

Each year, I transport approximately 125 kids to and from school every day.  Our school year started August 16, or, just a little over one week.  It just so happens, that this year I began a new route, this also means, new students and new schools.  All this newness was topped off with a brand new bus…Ooh…sparkly!  That is a whole lot of, new, at one time, for sure! It generally takes me three days to learn my new route, without using the route sheet,  and a couple of weeks to learn all…yes, I said all, 125 students names.

For the first week of school, I ask each of my students, as they board the bus, to tell me their names repeating the process as they exit the bus to go to school.  I repeat the same process in the afternoon as they board the bus from school and again as they exit the bus to go home.  After the first three days, I attempt to remember each child’s name as they board the bus in the morning.  If I cannot, Identify them properly, I ask them to remind me of what their name is.  Today, I arrived at the fourth stop on my elementary run, where I pick up four boys.

As I greeted Isaiah, by name, without asking him, he looked at me and replied…

“It’s about time you got my name right.”

I am going to take down my name plate this afternoon and see if, Isaiah, knows my name.  😉





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