I’ll Trade Ya

Trading cards, of some variety, come in and out of vogue as the years come and go.  This years hot cards are of the, Pokemon variety.  They have been fairly popular for a few years now, but seem to be all the rage.  Or, perhaps, it is just wildly popular with the elementary boys I transport.  When my son was  a similar age,  the favorite trading card of the day, was Yu-gi-oh.  Let’s just say, if they were of the, Pokemon, variety, I would have the, holy grail, of collections! Albums, and jam packed boxes of, Yu-gi-oh trading cards,  sitting in the basement, collecting dust.  Can any of you relate?  Anyway…

Two of the boys who ride my bus in the morning, are brothers.  Ivan, is in second grade, and Alec, is in the fourth grade.  The boys sit about four rows apart, on opposite sides of the bus.  Ivan was in the process of making a trade with his seat partner, and wanted some guidance from Alec.  Ivan got Alec’s attention, then asked him if the trade he was about to make was a good one.  Alec started to answer Ivan’s question, and was in the middle of responding, when Ivan interrupted Alec’s response, after which, Ivan repeated his original question, prompting this response from Alec…

“Listen to my words, child…Listen. To. My.  wwwoorrrdddzzz.”

Why, I do believe, Alec opened his mouth, and his parent came out.

What a great laugh to start my Friday morning!

The exchange between Ivan and Alec, reminded me of a similar exchange taking place between my son, Dominic, and myself.  The exchange took place, when Dominic was about six years old.  We were in Minneapolis to attend a wedding, and I needed to pick up a dress shirt for Dominic.  We had a limited amount of time to accomplish this goal, so before even entering the store, I spelled out our time restraint and explained that we could not get side tracked from our mission and needed to stay focused on our goal.  Specifically, it meant…no toy shopping…no toy looking…no gadgets…etc…etc…etc…

We entered the store, just a mom and her boy, focused on their mission.  We started walking back toward the children’s section.  As we were making our way back, we just so happened to meander a little too close to the women’s shoe department, which just happened to call out to me. One does not ignore the enticing solicitations, emanating from the women’s shoe department.  They lured me in, like a sailor to Sirens. Ok, Ok, Ok, so I’m a shoe junkie…there…I said it.

I picked up a delightful pair of black leather sling-backs, on sale, I might add.  I kicked off the shoe I was wearing and started to try the shoes on, when Dominic took his two hands, placing one hand on each of my cheeks, in a cradling fashion,  squishing my cheeks as he did, and said, “Focus, Mom! Focus!”

I am focused, I thought…focused on trying these shoes on!

Can you say…BUSTED!  Whoa! Talk about a role reversal! The spell was broken,  I was dragged unwillingly, back to reality, back to our original mission.

They watch, they listen, they learn, and they repeat.  And sometimes, when they open their mouths, their parent comes out.



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