Some days, you hear some of the funniest exchanges between students.  Today, was one of those days.

Today’s kidisms: A fourth grade girl, to two second grade boys.

“If you’re going to sing, you need to sing smoothly, not scratchy. I KNOW how to sing smootly…YOU do not!”

Hmm…I think the term she had in mind, may have been, screeching…they definitely had the screeching part, down pat.

And this tidbit, from an 8th grade boy.

“Ain’t nobody gonna mess with Jasmine. She’s like a 12 year old diva, and she’ll hurt you.”

Due to a behavioral issue while I was away, I had to move one of my eighth grade boys to the front, which, didn’t sit well with both the, sixth grade boys currently occupying the seats, nor the eighth grade boy being made to sit there. Here was their exchange…

“Oh man…I’ve got to sit up here all week? I think I’m going to start walking to school and walking home after school, too.” Said Hal.

“Everyone would benefit from that.” Replied Alvin.

Is it wrong that I busted out laughing from Alvin’s reply? Thankfully, Hal did not hear the, masterful dig, and I quickly regained my composure…well sort of.


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