Oh, Happy Day!

What a gorgeous fall day! A crisp, clear, bright sunny day, with a spectacular display of fall colors, enhancing its beauty! It was evident that this day had a positive effect on the kids as well. Their positive energy was palpable and contagious.
There was singing and seat dancing and hands and arms up and moving to the beat. At one point, during a, Bruno Mars song, I looked into my student mirror as we were stopped at a red light, and two of my second grade students, were alternately bopping up and down to the rhythm of music, pure joy lighting up their little faces. The energy, the vibe, the day, everything about this day, was overflowing with goodness. I loved it!

When the children board the bus in the afternoon, it is customary for me to inquire about their day.  My second grade children usually board the bus first.  I generally receive an auto reply, like…it was good.  This type of reply only prompts me delve further into process of discovering how their day really was or to find out what made their day, good.  The second question I ask, requires more than a one or two word reply and, usually more consideration is put into their reply.  My second question is, what was the best part of your day? I get a variety of responses from this question, which I like.  I enjoy  getting to know what the children’s interests are.  I received a few of the typical responses that I’ve come to expect like, gym, recess, and lunch, but today’s response, from one of my second grade boys, made my heart soar.  When I asked what his favorite part of the day was, he replied…The bus.  No, there was no bribery involved…as far as you know…kidding 🙂

As if they day could not get any better, when I asked one of my sixth graders the same question, he said the same thing!    I swear, no bribery or reward was given for answers causing the bus drivers heart to melt.  I have the best job ever.

So…What was the best part of your day?


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