Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

“How was your day, today, Mrs. Mileti?”  Asked Cody.

“My day was fantastic, Cody.” I replied

“Really?  What do you do after you drop us off at school?”  He asked.

“Well,  I train new drivers how to drive a school bus, when I’m not transporting groups of children to and from school, and today, I had a new student driver start his training.”  I said.

“That’s a really easy job.  All you have to do is learn how to drive a car, then, you learn how to drive a bus, and that, is easy.”

“Well, Cody, there is a little more to it than that. Maybe when you turn 18, I can teach you how to drive a school bus.”  I replied.

“Oh, no, that’s too easy,  I’m going to be a teacher.”  He said.

“Oh, how wonderful, Cody!  What would you like to teach?”  I asked.

“I’m going to teach animals.” Was his response.

“What are you going to teach the animals?”  I questioned.

“I’m going to teach animals how to have emotions.”  Was his reply.

I continued asking questions as to how one might go about teaching animals how to have emotions. I’m not quite sure I was following how all of that was going to come together.  Good thing I have such an easy job.

Thankfully, the topic of conversation changed when Cody asked me to guess what he would be doing this evening.  I told Cody I had no idea and to please share with me what he had planned.

“I’m starting wrestling tonight.” He said.

“You are?  How exciting!  How many years have you been wrestling?”  I asked him.

“This is my third year.”  He replied.

“What do you like about wrestling.  Do you like the, throws, take downs, or pins, best?”  I asked him

“I like it all, that’s why it’s called wrestling.  Sometimes you rest and the other times, you ling.”  He said.

“Really?  What is linging?” I asked.

“It’s when you do all the moving, that’s the linging part.”


So, now I know the true meaning of the word, wrestling.  Who knew! I’m so glad I have such an easy job!  Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy!  Have a great night Y’all! 🙂














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