Parentasaurus Rex

The children I transport, endear themselves to me in both their words and actions, on a regular basis.  Today, however, it was a parents actions that completely tugged at my heart strings and definitely won an outstanding parent award…well, at least in my book, anyway.

When Sally boarded the school bus in the afternoon, she shared a story  with her seat partner, regarding a recent occurrence in which Sally’s  father attended one of her gymnastic meets,  wearing a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume.  What a joy it was to listen to Sally’s account of her fathers antics on that day.  When Sally finished with her rendition of what took place that day, she also happened to mention that her father was planning on surprising Sally and her brother Kevin, by showing up at their bus stop, in his T-Rex costume, sometime.

That sometime, was today.  When we turned the corner on the street where Sally and Kevin live, dad was true to his word.  He was decked out in this enormous blow up T-Rex costume wildly waving the  short front limbs, as we pulled up to the stop.  Sally momentarily feigned embarrassment of her fathers silliness, but when the doors of the bus opened, she gleefully ran into her fathers, flailing undersized extremities, engulfing the tiny child, in his loving embrace. The remaining students on board, delighted in the sight of the scene unfolding before them.  My students will remember the silliness of the moment, I will remember the playful tenderness exhibited between a daddy and his little girl.




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